Join the IAMAW

We are living in an era where governments and big corporations try, everyway they can, to convince us that the solution to their profitability problems and social problems is to level down salaries and working conditions.

You might have a relative or a friend who is in that kind of situation.

We, at the IAMAW, give the workers the means to increase their working conditions and we offer them the opportunity to be heard on subjects of concerns.

All conversations are confidential and are non-committal.

Justice at work starts with unionization, it’s a matter of RESPECT!

For information contact:

Robert Savoie
Organizer – Eastern Region
Transportation District 140
Tel.: (514) 336-3031 Toll free: 1-888-992-1010
Cell.: (514) 831-9343

Fax: (514) 336-3039

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