E.A.P. Representitives

The following representitives are available to assist IAMAW members and are catagorized by station below.

Atlantic EAP Atlantic Regional Co-ordinator
Jeff McAulay (902) 223-7911
Charlottetown EAP Co-ordinator
Fredericton EAP Co-ordinator
Halifax EAP Co-ordinator
Jeff McAulay (902) 223-7911
Darrell Bond (902) 880-2281
Bruce Isenor (902) 751-1551
Moncton EAP Co-ordinator
Brent Leslie (506) 857-1065
Saint John, N.B. EAP Co-ordinator
Andrew Vivier (506)-650-81767
St. John’s, N.F. EAP Co-ordinator
Jason Sisk

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